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Ultimate Pilot PC Package 1


This PC is designed to do only one thing, run flight simulation. This PC isperfect for FSX or X-Plane 10. You can't get a better PC for the price. If you area keen flight simmer then this PC is a must! Your PC is the most important partof your flight simulation set-up and you can't be serious about flightsimulation if you don't have a top PC.



Package 1 comes with a top of the range SSD. SSDs are a huge improvementfrom a regular hard drive. They are a lot faster than a standard HDD and thereare no moving parts so your data will be much safer and there is less risk oflosing your important data.

What would be the point of having a top of the range SSD without a top ofthe range GPU? With Package 1 you get a fast, cool and quiet NVIDIA GPU. Youcan connect multiple full HD monitors to this PC. The graphics are so good youwill feel like you are in a real aircraft and the quality of the scenery willblow you away. Not only will you get unbelievable detail but the speed of the PCwill amaze you. How do we know? We are still amazed at the speed of thePC.X-Plane 10 or FSX will run at unbelievable speeds. Having this GPU a transitionfrom flight simulation to real flight will be much easier or vice versa. Insidethis PC you can find an Intel i7 3.5GHz. This is more power than most other PCson the market and will give you exceptional power. Not only can you run FSX or X-Plane10 crazy fast you can run other intense programs such as Photoshop or Avid.These CPUs are among the latest Intel CPUs and are used in all the popular PCsaround the globe and will last you for a while. They are fast and reliable. Theperfect combination.

RAM is an important part in any PC and there are many different speeds ofRAM so it is not just about size but quality. In Package 1 we have got theperfect combination of both. We have 8GB of high-quality DDR3 RAM. Need more? Eithersend us a request or you can always upgrade this later on in time. This RAM willgive you blazing load times and will be an upgrade for most current PCs. Thereare many debates on how much RAM is enough but we at FlightSim-Shop feel thatwe have cracked it and are able to give you the best combination!

Package 1 comes with USB 3.0 and 2.0 so you can plug in all your flight sim equipmentthat uses USB 2.0 but also back up your PC using a USB 3.0 external hard drive.USB 3.0 is even faster than fire wire and is the latest port to have. No matterwhat external peripheral you have you are likely to be able to plug it in!

Discs are/have become an out-dated item in the current computer world butsome pieces of software still come on CD and there may be some old movies lyingaround that you want to watch. Because of this we decided to include a standardCD drive as well as a Blu-ray disc drive. You get a combination of old and new.You never know when you are going to need to use a disc so it is better to havethis installed in your new PC. Even if you never plan to use them they don'tadd much weight or even slow down the computer!

Wi-Fi is not directly built into the PC but for no extra charge we include aUSB 2.0 Wi-Fi adapter with the pre-installed software so you can get on the netas soon as you take your new PC out of the box. Still use Ethernet? Don’t worry;Ethernet is built directly into the back of the PC so you can still get on thenet via a wire!



Windows 8 was released some months ago but we don't feel that Windows 8workswell on this PC as it is not touchscreen. We figure it is best to installWindows 7 Ultimate as we have found that it works best with FSX or X-Plane10.It is the ultimate OS for the Ultimate PC! If you would like to have Windows8on your PC just add it to the 'Special request' box at the 'Buy Now' buttonwhen you check out.

There are many discussions if X-Plane 10 is better than FSX and vice versa.We see that they have their differences. This PC will be able to run either oneperfectly. Pick which one you would like to run on your new PC for no extracharge. We will install the software and get the best settings for you. You canof course change these settings at any time but we do what is best for speedand detail!



Before each PC leaves the factory we do extensive testing. The PC must staycool and run everything smoothly. We have incredibly high standards and werefuse to ship a faulty unit anywhere. If a PC is faulty we will immediately lookinto it, notify you if there is a delay and fix it at our own personal cost ascustomer satisfaction is worth more to us than money.

Processor Intel i7 3.5GHz
Memory 8GB DDR3 1600MHz
Grahpics NVIDIA GeForce GTX
Storage 256GB
Connections &
8x USB 3.0
8x USB 2.0
7.1 HD Audio
Ethernet Port
2x DVI-I
1x Displayport
Display No Display

190 x 424 x 490mm

(W x H x D)

In the Box Power Cable
Wi-Fi Adapter

If you would prefer Windows 8 rather than Windows 7 then please specify here

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