TriStar PCs

High end flight simulator PCs



When you first look at our prices you may think that our prices are expensive and unreasonable compared to other manufacturers. First, there are many boring products included in the price, though each item is cheap, it all adds up. All parts that are in your PC are of the highest standard and quality. Don't forget that we test each computer to the extreme and set-up your choice of flight simulator to the optimum settings for your desired PC. Bare in mind that if there is a large company that is building a top computer which would be concerned just about profits then if there is a choice between two motherboards with a cost difference of £50, they will choice the cheaper, inferior one. We will choice the one which will make your PC better. In all ways our PCs will out perform most mass produced PCs due to the size of TriStar PCs. We care more about you!


Who We Are and Our Aims

At TriStar PCs we aim to provide you with the best PCs we possibly can. We believe that specialization is the key to producing quality products and being successful. That is why we only produce three types of PCs. This gives you a choice of which PC to get depending on budget and what you want from your computer but it also means that we know the ins and outs of every PC we build and we build each one fantastically. Look at the 'Testimonials' page to see what other customers think of us. Each testimonial is checked to make sure that there is no inappropriate language and no spam but we publish both good and (if there are any) bad reviews! We want to make people happy through our computers and that is why we work as hard as possible, set-up your PC for you so you can start flying as soon as you power up your new computer. We configure all the settings for you to our optimum of speed and quality. If there is a fault we will spot this before it is shipped and we will notify you if this causes a delay and fix it at our own expense!