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Quotes I bought the Ultimate Pilot PC Package 3 as soon as it was released and recieved it earlier than expected and I am delighted with it! I turned it on for the first time and was amazed at the speed and I just plugged in my yoke and throttle and was flying within 10 minutes of taking the PC out of the box! The graphics is insane, there is no lag at all! I never knew a system this intense existed and for the price! Do not hesitate, buy now! Quotes
Jack Oragami
Package 3 and no regrets!

Quotes I bought Package 1 and I have really enjoyed it. It is super fast and everything is set up the way I want thanks to the kind people at TriStar PCs. The only issue that I have with this PC (and this is maybe the case with the other PCs) is that it seems too big. It may be because I bought this to replace my ageing iMac and it seems a little strange. I am sure that this PC is the standard size but you will need to clear some room for it. This will not be a problem for most people as you need lots of space for a flight simulator. As for the actual PC insides, I can't fault it, I love the way this PC runs. I have never enjoyed using a PC this much! Quotes
John Malone
Good but too big?

Quotes I bought package 1 as I was looking for an upgrade but I didn't want to spend too much money! I am delighted with my new PC. I have been using it with X-Plane 10 every day for the few weeks that I have had it! I highly recommend this PC and it is a huge upgrade from my old PC. Once you try this PC you wont go back! I can't even imagine the speed of the other packages as Package 1 is soooooo fast! Quotes
Tim Didcut
Sweet ride!