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Why does it take 1-2 Weeks to dispatch a fantastic PC?

All computers are built in the UK and every one is thoroughly tested before we send it off. This makes it highly unlikely that it will go wrong. We have an extensive list of tests that have to be completed. Also, for that reason, the PC will already be set-up with a default account and all software and the OS will be fully registered.



Why would I buy from TriStar PCs when I could build a computer myself?

That is a very good and very common question. You would want to buy a dedicated PC from us as we have the knowledge on how to build a top quality PC, know which parts will work well and will make sure that you computer will work. When building a PC by yourself the components can cost much more and there is always the risk that the computer you spend hours building wont work and you will have to get involved with the manufacturer. This can take many hours and is annoying. You buy from us due to our customer service, knowledge, eliminate risk and crucially to reduce hassel. Once you click that ‘Buy Now’ button you can relax and forget about your PC until is arrives in perfect working condition at your doorstep!



These prices seem to be rather expensive for the specs listed above?

At first glance, maybe, but every part in the Ultimate PC is the best. All come with an expensive and very reliable PSU, similar with the graphic card, CPU and RAM. There is cheap RAM and expensive, reliable RAM, our computers all have top of the range RAM. Same with the SSDs and all other parts. Bare in mind there are other boring parts the cost money, such as fans and cables. Our prices are all very competitive for what you are getting! Still unsure, then drop us an email with your questions and we will be happy to help you out!



The specs seem to be nearly identical between Package 2 and Package 3, why the extra cost?

The specs appear similar at first glance, but the CPU is newer and more advanced in Package 3, the GPU in Package 3 has twice as much memory and is much faster. The GPU is the main cost difference between the two packages, however, every componenet is better in Package 3, even the fans!



Why would I buy from TriStar PCs instead of a large computer company?

This is a very common question and it has a very simple answer, becuase we at TriStar PCs are experts in flight simulation. We know what are good specs of a PC specifically for flight simulation. If you have any issues with the PC or the software you can always just email us and we will always get back to you as soon as possible. Many large companies produce PCs that give them the largest profits, we produce computers that are perfect for flight simulation. Specialisation is key and we specialise in flight simulation. In short, our service and computers will give you the best experience for the best price.

Got any more questions? Be sure to email us with them and we will be more than happy to answer them!